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Livestream Platform




Personals: "Ripped" vs "Shipped"

"Ripped" Personals are opened via Instagram live.  

"Shipped" Personals are shipped to you sealed. 

"Ripped" Personals will be fulfilled next scheduled livestream.

(Break Schedule)


Live Auctions

Live Auctions are for Cheeky members only.

Register today for free! 🚀

Invoices are sent via email & must be fulfilled within 1 business day. 

Invoices are sent within 1 hour! (Check Spam)

Please submit your auction submissions via email.


Team Break Livestreams

Team Breaks have a designated livestream date/time.

(Break Schedule)


What are Group Breaks?

Group Breaks offer ways in which a group of individuals can enter boxes/cases together. 

"Team" Breaks ultimately guarantee a team, rather than a set number of cards.


Types of Breaks


Pick Your Team Break (PYT)

A "PYT" Break offers varying prices for teams, based on their respective value.

This grants a group of individuals access to specific teams.

All cards from the break pertaining to your team are yours!


Random Team Break (RT) 

A "RT" Break offers fixed prices for spots.

This grants a group of individuals an equal chance at all teams. 

All cards from the break pertaining to your team are yours!


Randomizer Details
All teams will be entered into this site: 

We will roll a pair of virtual dice 3 times. The combined total on the dice will equate to the amount of times the teams list is randomized.

The randomized list of teams correlates with the spot numbers purchased. 

(Ex: Spot #3) *after randomized teams*
Manchester City

Spot #3 will receive all Manchester City cards from the Random Team Break. 


Hit Draft Break 

A Hit Draft Break offers fixed prices for spots.

1 Spot : 1 Card

Hit Draft Breaks are often used for higher-end products with a relatively limited amount of cards. 

Collector names are used for randomization. 

Top name will choose first. 

Please Note:

If you are unable to attend, we will choose for you.

We pride ourselves on integrity; the most valuable card available is yours. We understand collectibles are subjective in value, so please be available for this break!


Personal Breaks 

It`s your world! 

We ship ALL base cards unless specified otherwise.